Fatima / Beni Ourain
Fatima / Beni Ourain
Fatima / Beni Ourain
Fatima / Beni Ourain
Fatima / Beni Ourain

Fatima / Beni Ourain

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The rich creamy colour and texture of Fatima vintage Beni Ourain is a classic area rug that would compliment dark wooden floors and brown leather furnishings. The creamy colour adds warmth to cooler spaces. This beautiful piece comes from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, woven by the women of the Berber tribes and treasured by all who understand the unique beauty of Moroccan rugs.

Product details:

  • Length 240cm x 150cm
  • Colours: rich, cream that has adopted a buttery tinge through its natural ageing process.
  • High pile rug
  • 100% Moroccan sheep's wool
  • Excellent vintage condition 
  • Approximately 20 years of age 

How to care for your Beni Ourain rug:

You can vacuum your rug on a low setting. In case of any accidents or spills, you can simply clean with a white towel, cold water and wool cleaning solution. Ensure your rug does not stay humid and odor free by drying it in the sun for a day. 

This rug might shed, but a regular brushing will fix the issue.  A plastic hand brush will do the trick to remove the excess wool, then vacuum. You can repeat this process every couple of weeks until the excess wool is gone.