Vintage Boujaad Cushion
Vintage Boujaad Cushion
Vintage Boujaad Cushion
Vintage Boujaad Cushion
Vintage Boujaad Cushion

Vintage Boujaad Cushion

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Our vintage Boujaad throw cushions are each unique, beautiful and sustainable.

This cushion in particular is one of our favorite. With beautiful soft peachy tones with hint of lavender, moss, storm grey and muted yellow and bright pink creating beautiful Berber motifs.  It will easily be one your favorites too!


100% Authentic Moroccan sheep wool

Hand loomed & Naturally dyed

55cm X 35cm

Cotton lining on back side and zipper for cushion insert

Our cushions come unfilled.


Professionally cleaned. 

We recommend spot cleaning with cold water and wool cleaning solution. Best to dust them outdoors every now and again as it may collect dust and letting them sit in the sun when needed.

PLEASE NOTE that handmade vintage textiles often exhibit imperfections, small irregularities, but of course this adds to the authenticity of the item. Colour over-dyeing, discoloration, repairs, marks and aged metal discs and fabrics may be present.

When you are buying a piece that is labelled vintage, it means its authentic, handmade and displays the story of its journey. If you have a discerning eye for everything  unique and place a greater value on those items with a personal history and a proven ability to last then these pieces will be highly valued and treasured as the rare gems they are.