Divine Tribe is born!

Welcome to Divine Tribe! We are excited for you to join us on our journey as we bring unique, one of a kind pieces to you from around the globe, starting in Morocco.

Traveling late in 2019, along with my husband and daughter, we were fortunate enough to visit beautiful Merrakech. There, I quickly fell in love with the rich culture of Arabic, French and the tribal fusion of its people. The bright colours of the textiles, incredible architecture and food was a delight to all senses. During the trip we were fortunate enough to tread the well trodden tourist tracks high into the Atlas mountains where we discovered a tribal community of colourful Berbers who were steeped in and living a history untouched by technological advances of time. This waste less, simple and full life of devotion to working with ones hands and creating beautiful functional items set against the backdrop of a gorgeously harsh mountain range created a love for a race of people I had never known.

Atlas mountain village


  Fast forward to COVID and the unusually happy man who had been our guide and taken us into his family home to share tea with, was now broken. His community in the remote area high in the mountains had been ravaged by a lack of government support, basic medical care and the desertion of tourist income bringing the locals to their knees. He came to me asking for a simple donation so that his family could eat. Yet even after donating there was a nagging feeling that I was being called to do something more and looking back on all my photos and memories I felt inspired and saw an opportunity to share what I love with the world and at the same time provide their community with a means to continue to support itself while weathering the storm of such uncertain times.


  Divine Tribe is for me a way to share the bright, unique beauty of people from around the world who infuse their hearts into the crafts they make with people who share my love of fashion, life and the joy garnered from its living. The styles we carry are distinct, unique and not for everyone, though it is for my Tribe. Those who are waking up in the world and seeking for more from it, those who see beauty everywhere they look and find Joy in the simplest things and love to express beauty as a channel of the Divine. 

Happy browsing and remember,

Shop local and support global we are all one Divine Tribe.

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