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Are you looking to invest in a thriving fashion and home decor business? 

  I am looking for an entrepreneur who sees beauty in irregularity, a love of colour and whose style is anything but mainstream! Divine Tribe is an established unique fashion and home decor business for sale that forms one half of a local boutique "Two Gypsys on High". Having birthed this creation and seen it to maturity I am selling the business as I have since moved to Bali to focus my energy on designing fashion. 

  Divine Tribe was incepted during the pandemic as a way to support our Moroccan tour guide's village and grew from a previous manifestation, to be able to literally buy everything from the Berber village I fell in love with during a previous holiday in north Africa.

Two Gypsys front table

  I am focused on providing customers with sustainable and slow fashion from Bali that is hand made, as well as tribal home decor items from Morocco.

  Our fashion collection features a curated range of unique, self designed pieces, hand crafted from natural fabrics and dyes. From casual bohemian style, our pieces do not cater to mass market fast fashion consumers but those who care where their clothes come from and the stories behind the hands that create them.
We source all our products from families we know and trust, ensuring high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

  In addition to fashion, our business also specializes in home decor. We offer a diverse range of bespoke new and vintage home decor items that can elevate any space into a conversation starter, yet cozy and inviting environment. From decorative accents to large hand woven rugs, all of our pieces are one of a kind and designed to suit various interior styles.

  What sets our business apart is our commitment to uniqueness and sustainability. We understand the importance of offering products that have a marked point of  difference and meet a high standard of craftsmanship. Our team of artisans utilize generations of experience and can be guided to create new styles and pieces as trends emerge.

  The business itself is unique in its opportunity, providing a flexible schedule and very low overheads in a boutique front that is located on the main street of a prime shopping destination for locals in the region that also boasts large numbers of tourists during holiday periods. The business has turn key operations and would provide assistance with the sourcing and design. 

  With an existing loyal customer base, take advantage of the untapped potential for growing sales through online advertising with an established brand that has a strong point of difference.

  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a successful fashion and home decor business on the Mid North Coast. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards becoming a proud business owner!

  If you are interested please contact me;

Michelle Talamayan
+61 406 727 721 (Also available on Whatspapp)