Vintage Kilim Weekender Bags

One of a kind fashion and style, these up-cycled Weekender travel bags say as much about your personality as the symbols in the weave of the tribe who created them. The Kilim rug used is Vintage, 100% wool, hand knotted and skillful dyed from natural vegetable sources.

Handcrafted from repurposed Vintage Kilim rugs, every single bag is as unique as the culture of the Berber artisans who crafted them. Bordered with a untreated leather base, these vibrant Weekender bags are just as durable as they are beautiful. Every bag is made by and supports the local artisan community high up in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

From generation to generation these craftsman's art has been passed on to ensure the ability to weave unique rugs and work leather to support those who live to create and shop small now and years to come.